Infection of Salivary Glands

Infection of salivary glands and what to know. There is a set of salivary glands in and around the mouth, which perform very important functions. The main function is the production of saliva; which is extremely useful in terms of proper chewing, swallowing, and digestion of foods. The presence of saliva inside the mouth prevents dental damage or decay.

When the salivary glands are infected due to bacteria or viruses, the condition is known as sialadenitis.

 What about the signs?

The various signs and symptoms associated with salivary glandular infection are listed below:

Ø  Presence of high temperature.

Ø  Dryness of the mouth.

Ø  Pain during chewing and eating.

Ø  Swelling in the mouth, below the tongue or below the sides of the jaws.

Ø  Altered and unpleasant taste in the mouth.

When one or more of these signs are present, a doctor or a qualified dentist must be consulted.

 The treatment approach

In the event of an infection of the salivary glands, the doctor or dentist is the only person who can advise appropriate medication including antibiotics and other measures.

However, it is the responsibility of the patient to perform the following actions:

Ø  Brushing of the teeth twice daily. Brushing should be gentle and special attention should be paid to the gum line.

Ø  Flossing the teeth at least once daily.

Ø  To prevent dryness, the mouth should be rinsed with a warm solution of water and salt multiple times during the day.

Ø  Smoking should be avoided as it may cause delay in healing.


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