Infection with HPV virus or human papilloma virus can cause warts or lesions on the tongue, tonsils or soft palate. Teens as well as sexually active women who are 25 years old or younger have an increased risk of developing HPV infections. Having a lot of sexual partners can significantly increase the chances of developing HPV infections.

Symptoms of HPV Infection

Usually, there are no symptoms of HPV. But some symptoms that may appear include:

  • Local soreness or itching
  • Abnormal Pap smears
  • White, flesh colored, pink or brownish warts. Warts can be completely flat or appear like miniature cauliflowers
  • In women, warts may appear on the urethra, vagina, vulva, cervix, thighs and or anus.
  • In men, warts may appear on the scrotum, penis, anus, inside the urethra and or thighs.
  • Usually genital warts develop within three months of contact.

There’re many kinds of HPV . Oral lesions are connected with the kinds of HPV which have a lower risk for cancer, for example, type 6 or type 11, and higher risk for cancer, for example, type 16 or type 18. Therefore, it is very important to determine which type of HPV you have.

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