You may be wondering, is your crown made of gold? There are different types of materials that are used for making dental crowns. There isn’t any specifically ideal material for preparing these crowns, the choice depends on a couple of factors like the tooth’s location or the aesthetics needed.

The one made with gold alloy

Dental crowns can be made of gold alloy. These crowns typically have the longest life among other options and resist extremely well to chewing forces. Experts suggest that crowns made with gold alloy hardly break, causing slight wear to opposing teeth.

However, the metallic color of gold is considered a disadvantage to these types of crowns. People prefer using gold for molars because they don’t appear when smiling. These crowns are prepared in a laboratory, using the impression of the patient’s teeth.

Is it porcelain fused to gold?

A crown prepared from porcelain fused to gold tends to be a more aesthetic choice, compared to the option of gold alloy crown. Porcelain tends to make a crown look extremely similar to the natural teeth. The gold part, that is present beneath the porcelain, plays a role in strengthening the tooth. Porcelain is extremely strong, but is weaker than gold and has chances of being fractured. At times, the gold beneath the porcelain may show, particularly at the gum level.

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