Gold coloured teeth in the dental laboratory


Brighton Implant Clinic has its own on-site dental laboratory which helps us to create beautiful smiles every day. We are very fortunate to have a really talented group of dental technicians which create natural looking, comfortable and precise crowns and bridges for our patients. These restorations can be made in a variety of different materials which include, acrylic, composite resin, metal alloy, porcelain and zirconia. More recently we have been working with zirconia which is a super strong material. Unlike conventional metals, zirconia is white and is more suitable for aesthetic natural looking restorations. Zirconia allows the natural light to pass through and create a similar appearance to natural teeth. A major advantage with zirconia is that one will never see dark lines around the crowns as you would normally see with porcelain fused to metal crowns. Our dental laboratory team Mr. Petr Mysicka and Kris Lewandowski recently completed a 4 unit zirconia implant bridge. I have attached some photographs which have been taken in our laboratory showing the different stages of manufacture. The gold coloured powder is used to create a homogenous appearance for the technician to understand and visualise the texture of the porcelain finish. The gold powder eliminates much of the light reflection which is normally seen on polished porcelain.



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