Improving your smile is a great way to look younger. Bright, white, healthy teeth exude youthfulness and can change the entire look of your face.

There are many options available for improving the look of your teeth. If restorations are necessary to correct receding gums or decaying teeth, a more extensive procedure may be required. If teeth have discolored but are otherwise healthy, less invasive techniques may be utilized, such as dental whitening.

The most common desire of patients is to have whiter teeth. Teeth discolor for many reasons, including the use of coffee, tea, cigarettes, medication and even due to age. To decrease the likelihood of discoloration forming, always clean teeth thoroughly after each meal, floss daily and have regular dental cleanings and examinations.

Professional whitening procedures can be done in a dental office or using a dentist-supplied kit at home. When the procedure is done in a dental office, the dentist or dental assistant will apply a peroxide gel to the surface of the teeth, avoiding the gum tissue area. The peroxide solution will then be exposed to an ultraviolet light for a period of up to 15 minutes. The gel will be removed and a fresh dosing of the gel will be applied, the ultraviolet light will be placed and this process will continue for 45 minutes to an hour.

The at-home whitening process involves the fabrication of a flexible, plastic tray. The tray is made by obtaining an impression of the patient’s mouth, creating a cast based on the impression and then suctioning the thin, flexible tray material over the cast. The patient loads the tray with a small amount of peroxide gel and wears the tray for one to two hours. This process is repeated daily for up to two weeks to see full results. The benefit of using the at-home is kit is that the patient is free to touch-up the results whenever necessary.

Having a healthy, white smile boosts confidence and creates a more youthful appearance. Utilize one of the above described techniques to improve your smile today!

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