General dentists are dentists who do not have an area of specialization as dentists; many people who study dentistry opt to concentrate on one area of the dental scope for example orthodontics, endodontic, or pediatrics. Such dentists narrow their focus on dental practices to one particular specialty or rather they join a dental practice that specializes in that particular area. It should be noted that that dentists who specialize in a certain area usually complete extra years of training before becoming skilled enough in their specialty, unlike general dentists who do not complete this extra training; therefore, they will not have as much skill and technique as specialized dentists in their areas. In most cases they have to undergo postgraduate training since most of the specialized courses are not usually offered at the ordinary graduate level.

General dentists choose not to have an area of specialization and so have a wide area to cover as compared to other specific dental treatment. Dentists who opt for a practice in general dentistry are able to treat patients who are in need of dental assistance with any issue ranging from disorders and diseases affecting the teeth, gums and maxillofacial which is associated with the jaw and face region of the body. On completion of the relevant training, a general dentist is licensed to practice in all areas of dentistry.

General dentists are also referred to as family dentists because they have the ability to treat all members of a family ranging from the children, teenagers to adults. General dentists provide overall oral health that is critical for total teeth and take responsibility for the diagnosis, treatment and overall coordination of services to meet your oral health needs.

Most of the general dentists are highly educated and trained on all dental procedures. Instead of specializing in just one area of dentistry, they can provide plenty of different services to the family as a unit. However, these dentists know that their knowledge does have limits and so they will in some instances seek assistance from other specialists who are better-trained to handle certain subjects. It is not uncommon for the family dentist to refer his/her patient to a more specific dentist who has specialized in a certain area of study with the aim of giving better treatment to the patient.



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