For those who have lost their front teeth the good news is that you can have a front tooth implant, thanks to the advancements in modern dental implantology. In the past, the only available option for replacing a missing tooth was a bridge or dentures, both of which were often uncomfortable and not very durable, let alone that they were not pleasing in the cosmetic perspective. It should be known that having a dental implant in between your natural teeth is the most successful dental procedure with a success rate that is higher than the overall success rate of dental implants. Other than looking better and being easy to clean, a front tooth implant does not affect the other teeth and it can be kept clean in exactly the same way as the other teeth.

The procedure used in single tooth implants is the same to any type of dental implant that is just normal. The oral surgeon will make a tiny incision in your gum in order to access your jawbone then drill a small hole in this bone before inserting the implant which will look like a small metal rod and is either cylinder or screw shaped, it is inserted into the jaw.

After this stage, the incision is closed and given time to heal; the healing period is usually a period of between four to six months when osseointegration takes place, a stage where the implant will fuse with the jawbone. Another procedure will then be carried out, there will be placement of an abutment on the dental implant and record taking for the fabrication of a crown to replace the single missing tooth, after three to four weeks, the dentist will open up the original wound before fixing a small attachment or abutment to the implant.

A front tooth implant in most cases does not have complications and is done in a routine manner unless there is no enough bone tissue in the mouth of the patient, in this case bone grafting for the dental implant to be placed has to be carried out. Where the gum is so thin that the implant itself is visible, there will be soft tissue grafting to make it thicker.

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