Foods That Promote Good Oral Health

It is for a fact that the food that we eat has an impact on our dental health; it may be either positive or negative which mostly is the case. Our eating patterns largely depend on the jobs that we do and also the class that we belong to. But either case it results to how we manage our diets. We need food basically for survival but not all foods are good for teeth as some bring about gum diseases among other complications such as tooth decay which not only costs you a lot of money but also stresses you. In dentistry we believe you are what you eat and how clean you are.

Sugary foods give the bacteria on your mouth ready meal and therefore they tend to multiply and increase in number and form plaque which is a leftover of the acid residue, in the case where you don’t clean your teeth well, then the plaque goes ahead to destroy the enamel part of your tooth. Plaque formation is largely dependent on the food you eat and also how well you manage your dental hygiene.

Below are the best foods that we can eat to keep that beautiful smile getting noticed even to old later stages of life.

Milk and its products such as yoghurt are healthy for the teeth even if they contain some amounts of sugar. They are not acidic and therefore the chances of eroding the enamel are nil. Cheese is also good for the teeth as it stimulates saliva thus reducing chances of dry mouth.

Nuts also are good for the teeth as cashew nuts are good for saliva production thereby cleaning teeth and neutralizing acids. Walnuts are also effective as they contain many minerals such as fiber, iron magnesium and potassium.

Once In a while you should take sugarless gums as it acts as teeth cleaner by scrubbing the teeth and also stimulate the salivary glands to release saliva which neutralizes acids.

Vegetables and fruits are one of the best foods that assure us of long enjoyable dental lives as they contain less sugar. They have a high content of water and therefore dilute the acids brought about by sugary foods.

Water is the best solvent that we can take to dilute acids, it also stimulates saliva production. Take a considerable amount of it each and every day to keep healthy.

Oral health is dependent on what you eat and how clean you are. For more information please feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call us on
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