Let’s discuss fizzy drinks and your teeth. Each day, we consume at least a glass or two of soda without thinking about the risks it poses to our oral as well as overall health. Most sodas contain sugar, which is actively involved in the development of tooth decay. Let’s say, if you’re consuming a single can of soda, you’re actually bathing your teeth in as much sugar as in three to four candy bars. Drinking sodas on a frequent basis tends to develop a continuous supply of sugar while increasing your chances of developing decay.

In addition to the high levels of sugar, a majority of sodas have phosphoric acid as well as citric acid. These acids are added for providing a tart or sour flavor to these drinks and contribute toward the erosion of tooth enamel. When your enamel starts softening, it can be eroded more easily as it is exposed to more acids in sodas. As a result, you have weakened teeth. The levels of acids present in sodas greatly vary, based on the soda brand as well as the type of soda.

In order to decrease your chances of developing tooth decay from soda, it is important that you realize how important it is to limit your intake of sugary beverages. Dentists at Brighton Implant Clinic recommend brushing the teeth on a regular basis while encouraging the patients to opt for fluoride-based mouthwashes that help in reminalirizing the tooth enamel. Chewing gum is also essential for producing saliva that acts as a buffer to the the effects of acids along with offering a defense against decay.

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