False teeth usually come as dentures that are worn in the mouth to replace missing teeth. Are your false teeth causing gum pain?

Many people who wear false teeth start experiencing gum pain after some time of wearing them. This could be possible because of a new denture bearing down extremely hard on the bony region if the fit isn’t accurate. As a result, the gums not only hurt but also have sores until the problem is fixed by an experienced dental expert. Dentists often fix the problem by trimming the denture area which is causing the pressure.

In some cases, the pain persists for months and even years following the procedure. This happens when the fit starts changing over time, and dentures gradually begin rubbing against the gum tissue. As a result, there is inflammation and pain. Some dentists typically recommend over-the-counter adhesives as well as creams for temporary relief. However, the patient may need a proper dental treatment by a dental expert to get a permanent solution, such as dental implants.

It is important to understand that gums require certain amount of time for recovery from problems caused by false teeth. The sores take time to heal while the inflammation should ideally have gone down before the dentures are worn on a regular basis. You may consider taking out the dentures periodically for allowing oxygen to get to the gum tissue, which is essential for promoting healing.

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