As discussed in the previous article, a strawberry tongue may be caused by a number of different factors. And, one such cause is the “scarlet fever”, which is an infectious disease that causes the tongue to take the form of an enlarged strawberry. In case, an individual suffers from a high fever and develops unusual redness of the tongue, the doctor should be consulted immediately. Scarlet fever requires antibiotic use for successful treatment.

Another cause of this tongue problem is the Kawasaki syndrome, which is a common disease among children who are less than 5 years old. This condition has effects on the blood vessels, thereby leading to the development of a strawberry tongue. As the condition becomes severe, the patient develops inflammation and redness in the feet and hands.

Black Hairy Tongue: What Causes the Condition?

This condition often makes people uncomfortable about their appearance, but it’s not considered extremely serious. The tiny bumps on the tongue’s surface continue growing throughout one’s lifetime. At times, these bumps become unusually long, instead of being worn down by regular chores. This results in increased buildup of bacteria in the mouth. With the growth of these bacteria, the tongue may appear dark with the overgrown bumps appearing hair-like.

Having a black hairy tongue isn’t a common condition and typically occurs in individuals who don’t practice proper oral hygiene. Individuals who consume antibiotics or diabetics may also develop this condition.

So, What’s the Cause?

The condition may result from a number of different factors, which include:


If you bite your tongue accidentally or scald it on a very hot object, you may develop a sore tongue until complete healing is done. Teeth grinding or clenching may also cause irritation of the tongue’s side, making the condition more painful.


Smoking is yet another factor that can cause this condition.

Canker Sores

Some people develop mouth ulcers on their tongue. While the cause isn’t known, the condition can become worse during times of stress.

Burning Tongue Syndrome

Postmenopausal women experience this condition. This syndrome is characterized by burning sensation in the tongue.

Bigger Papillae

Irritation or swelling of taste buds causes painful bumps on the tongue.

Medical Problems

People with medical problems like anemia as well as diabetes develop a sore tongue.

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