Follow these tips on dietary habits for dental decay. Eating healthy may help you lose weight but it has more significance in terms of your oral health. Did you know that the consumption of essential nutrients can help fight dental decay?

When talking about diet and nutrition, calcium is a popular mineral choice known for healthy teeth and bones. Your tooth enamel is composed of calcium phosphate as well as calcium bicarbonate and if you work on strengthening your enamel, you’ll most likely delay the development of tooth decay. Calcium can be consumed by eating dairy or fortified foods, including more fruits and taking calcium supplements.

Vitamin C is yet another essential nutrient that your teeth need. Vitamin C is directly linked with the strength of your immune system and your dental health has a close connection with your immune system. Did you know that your immune system plays an important role in healing affected areas of your mouth as well as preventing further infection? Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits as well as certain vegetables.

Tooth decay has been found to be linked with the intake of carbohydrates like refined sugar. As the bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar, acids are produced in your mouth. The acid leads to a decay in the enamel of your teeth and is a major cause of cavities. You can avoid tooth problems by limiting your intake of sugary foods.

Dentists at Brighton Implant Clinic recommend drinking plenty of water as it helps in maintaining adequate saliva in the mouth. Saliva is essential in terms of the prevention of tooth decay as it rinses away food while counteracting acid production.

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