Denture and Implant

the dental implant denture will click onto the two dental implants as shown in this photo

Many patients today in the UK struggle with removable dentures. For many years dentures have been the first choice of treatment for patients who have a single or multiple missing teeth. Dentures can be made quite simply and can replace missing teeth. Dentures simply fit into the space that is created when natural teeth are lost. A removable denture usually has not way of holding onto adjacent teeth (apart from some designs with small clasps) Dentures are usually made of acrylic which is basically a plastic, there are other materials like chrome cobalt which can be used for greater comfort.

small 'Zest' locator attachments placed in the denture

The problem with dentures is that they don’t stay in the same place. There is no connection between the denture and the jaw bone and its for this reason that many patient are unable to tolerate a denture in their mouth. Dentures move a lot during eating or speaking. The upper dentures usually cover the roof of the mouth in order to gain some form of suction on the palate however this can lead to irritation and a gagging reflex with some patients. By covering the roof of the mouth the ability to taste food properly is also greatly affected. Taste buds present on the palate do not function properly when covered by denture.

dental implant denture cost for the lower jaw is £2500

Dental implants can help denture wearers as the dental implant can provide stability and retention for the removable denture. A denture implant will help with retention of the denture in order that it does not move during eating of speaking. Dental implants are placed into the jaw bone and this in turn creates some support for the denture to be stable and firm. A denture on implant is called an over-denture as it sits over the implant. In the lower jaw just two dental implants can help stabilize a lower denture very well, where as in the upper jaw a minimum of 4 dental implants are needed.

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