Ever Heard of Denture Cushions?

If you wear dentures, then you’ve most probably heard of denture cushions. Denture cushions are aimed at holding loose dentures in position through the formation of a vacuum grip between the gums and the dentures you’re wearing. Denture cushions are ideally used when old dentures are being worn or the dentures have lost their snug fit, which is mostly because of receding gums. The use of denture cushions play an important role in creating a safe bond, which offers an enhanced confidence of chewing foods. These cushions are also popular because they don’t tend to dissolve in liquid, which makes them the best option for denture wearers with the problem of excessive salivating.

How to Find One?

If you’re thinking to invest in a denture cushion, make sure that the one you choose fits snugly over the dentures. If you aren’t feeling the cushions in your mouth, it means that the cushions have been properly contoured to the dentures.

When considering the brands, look for the ones that let you shape the cushions around the dentures, which involves pressing all around the edges for creating a seal. Once this is done, the excess can be trimmed around the rim of the dentures. Try finding cushions that have soft liners for preventing inflammation or irritation of the tissue around your gum area. You can find denture cushions for both upper and lower dentures.


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