Dental Implant Teeth

What are dental implant teeth? Dental implants are small titanium rods that look like natural roots of teeth. They are actually small screws that are placed into the jaw bone to replace missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, lengths and diameters. Dental implant teeth are better and more comfortable than other alternatives of missing teeth replacements.

There are 3 basic solutions for replacing a single missing teeth. The options for multiple missing teeth is quite similar. Lets discuss the options for missing teeth in a little more detail

  1. A removable partial denture
  2. A fixed dental bridge
  3. A dental implant

Removable partial denture

Dental Implant Teeth

This is one of the simplest and cheapest solutions for replacing a single missing tooth. The appliance is made of acrylic and it can be removed and replaced into the mouth very easily. The disadvantage of dentures is that they are removable and are therefore difficult to cope with. A removable denture never really feels comfortable like a fixed dental bridge or dental implant teeth.

A fixed dental bridge

This solution can be used when there are suitable strong healthy teeth adjacent to the space that is present. The adjacent teeth are prepared for accepting and supporting a fixed dental bridge. The preparation requires a reduction of about 1-1.5 mm of tooth enamel. This process is quite destructive and its for this reason that dental bridges are not recommended when the adjacent teeth are in pristine condition. A fixed dental bridge is more convenient and comfortable than a removable partial denture however its more destructive to the adjacent teeth as opposed to the denture or dental implant teeth.

A dental implant

dental implant teeth cemented

With dental implants the adjacent teeth are spared and are not prepared for a fixed dental bridge. With dental implant teeth the dental implant is placed in the space that is present. Once the dental implant has healed a dental crown or dental bridge is attached to the implant. This treatment is the most conservative option of replacing missing teeth. For the more predictable long term solution consider having dental implant teeth.

Dental Implant teeth Advice

For more information and advice on dental implant teeth and other cosmetic dentistry you can Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call us on 0800 111 6623, we offer a free assessment and treatment plan.

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