Dental implant manufacturers are companies that are involved in the manufacturing of dental implants. Whereas some companies will focus on a specific area of dental implants, some companies offer a wide range of dental implants products all with the aim of reaching out to customers and marketing their products. There are well over one hundred and fifty manufacturers of dental implants many of which we do not know about, however, there are major players in the field of dental implant designs and it is important to know the design of your dental implant. Some brands have a good reputation and are highly regarded by the dentists, despite the cost of such brands being expensive; they are preferred by the dentists.

Nobel biocare is one of the most famous companies with the largest share of the dental market, their products are inspired by Professor Branemark who is the father of modern dental implantology and they proclaim themselves to be the world leaders in esthetic and restorative dentistry. Straumann group which was founded in 1954 is the second largest dental implant manufacturer in the world with markets in over 60 countries, its headquarters are based in Switzerland. Other major players in the dental implants field include; Biomet 3i which is an American company that has sites in 60 countries all over the world, Israeli based Top implants which has been in business since mid 1990’s, BioHorizons which is a US company that has a market in over 80 countries, others are UK based General Medical Equipment Company and Innova Life Sciences Corporation. These are only some of the companies that form the top cream in the manufacturing of dental implants but as earlier mentioned, there are very many implant manufacturers.

Although dental implants vary from one manufacturer to another, the differences do not really matter a lot; the success of the implant mainly depends on the dentist and the ability of the patient to adhere to the dentists instructions. A dental profession will prefer a certain brand either because of the ease of use, biocompatibility (how well it integrates with the body) or simply because of the design. The price will also vary depending on the brand, some companies provide their products at a higher price than others, and this ultimately contributes to the total costs of the dental implant.

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