No doubt, flossing is the simplest way of ensuring that your teeth are healthy. Unfortunately, most people overlook the benefits of flossing because they think that brushing their teeth or rinsing the mouth with mouthwash is just enough. But the fact is that if a person flosses on a regular basis, the teeth not only stay clean for 24 hours but the build-up of bacteria can also be prevented. Dental floss usually come in portable containers or tubes, so they can be used anywhere. The flexibility of dental floss makes it better than toothpick, especially in terms of oral hygiene.

What to Look for in A Dental Floss?

Now that you’ve realized the importance of flossing, it is time to look for a quality dental floss to take care of your pearly whites. There are a number of different types of floss available in the market. These include teflon coated floss, tape, waxed or unwaxed, floss holder or floss increasing in size as being used. But, deciding on the specific type of floss to use is a personal choice and should be based on any oral health issues that you may be experiencing.

Arthritic patients or children are more likely to prefer the use of tape or dental holder since these floss are easier to use. But there are other people who would use the floss that increases in size as it gets between the user’s teeth.

For people who need a great deal of dental work to be done, using unwaxed floss can cause problems because this type has more chances of breaking off and sticking between the teeth. However, if you have had some dental fillings, crowns or caps done, you may use the coated or waxed floss.

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