What is the connection between eating habits and dental cavities? Just about everyone broods about the development of cavities but a very few people take the right steps to prevent cavities. What you need to realize is that your lifestyle and eating habits are connected to your chances of developing oral cavities.

No doubt, the most common cause of cavities is sugar and carbohydrate-based diet that can be easily converted into acids in your mouth. So, excessive intake of sugary foods tends to enhance your chances of developing cavities. If you snack more on sticky foods like dried fruits or candies, you’re increasing your risk of developing cavities since such foods adhere to your teeth for longer periods as compared to non-sticky foods.

Acidic foods are also damaging to your oral health. Consumption of carbonated drinks and excessive intake of citric acids is found to be associated with tooth decay. A better approach would be to replace these drinks with nutritional beverages with water being the best among all.

Apart from avoiding unhealthy foods, it is also very important to add healthier alternatives to your diet that can lead to an increase in the development of tooth decay as well as dental cavities. A diet rich in calcium along with phosphate can play an important role in protecting against tooth decay. Foods requiring more chewing tend to stimulate saliva production, which can be useful in washing away any harmful acids in your mouth. Therefore, the addition of vegetables and fruits in your diet is very important.

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