Have you wondered how will your dentist do bonding? Dentists usually start with using a shade guide for the selection of the most appropriate color to match your tooth’s color. And if needed, the tooth will be shaped with a drill, which will be followed by etching the tooth’s surface with an acid for roughening it. The tooth is then washed as well as coated using a conditioning liquid that causes the material used for bonding to stick.

The resin is then applied in layers, with each layer being hardened by laser or ultra violet light before the next application. In some cases, different colors are layered for ensuring a closer match to the natural shade of teeth. After the bonding material has hardened, it is trimmed and shaped by the dentist, which is followed by polish for matching the sheen of the remaining part of the tooth.

Usually, the whole procedure doesn’t take any longer than 30-60 minutes. However, if more than one tooth requires bonding, it may take more time.

According to the dentists at Brighton Implant clinic, patients should be advised to avoid or limit their intake of caffeinated drinks and smoking as the use of such substances will most likely stain the resin that was used during the procedure. After a patient undergoes the procedure, it is also very important to be extremely careful in terms of eating and drinking for the first 48 hours. Brushing the teeth on a regular basis is just as important as keeping in touch with your dentist for follow-up advice and recommendations.

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