“Cavity” is a children thing

So, you still think that it’s just children who should worry about cavities and oral health? Well, the fact is that even if you have just a single natural tooth left, you can still be a victim of cavities. In fact, cavities are more common as we age since the gums start pulling away from the base of the teeth, which increase root exposure.

Debunking the Myths of Oral Health

I don’t need a dentist anymore

That’s the biggest problem with people who have false teeth. They easily buy into the thought that dentures or false teeth don’t require cleaning or dental checkups.

A bright smile is for the sake of looks

Some people think that healthy, shiny teeth are a matter of looks, not health. Well, that is certainly a wrong way of thinking as your oral health is directly associated with the number of healthy years you’ll most likely enjoy.

Oral health and Physical Fitness are 2 separate departments

If that’s what you believe, then face the truth. You can never be in good physical health if you have poor oral health.

The tooth brushing myth

Some people mistakenly think that bleeding is normal during the process of tooth brushing. Did you know that bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease? Besides, there are other people who think that brushing will only remove food particles. Well, you’re wrong once again if you think the same. Tooth brushing is important for your overall teeth and gum health, not just for removing food particles.

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