The Damon system fixed orthodontic brace is a state of the art technology for straightening upper and lower teeth. This innovative treatment uses passive self-ligating brace rather than traditional or elastic ties and does not require any teeth to be removed, which in turn produces better facial aesthetics.

So what is involved?

To begin the patient will need a consultation. This will involve taking impressions and photos to give the dentist as much information as possible to plan the treatment necessary. The dentist can then examine the case in more detail to ensure the patient is a suitable candidate and we can achieve the desired result.

The consultation also gives the patient the opportunity to ask any questions and gain a real understanding for everything that is involved working with the dentist to agree the best treatment options.

The specially made appliance will then be made and the patient asked to return for a second appointment for fitting. The dentist will discuss and demonstrate how to clean the brace efficiently.

From here the memory wire will be changed at intervals as the alignment progresses, these appointments can be combined with reviews to check progress and make any adjustments if necessary. After the teeth have reached their final position the treatment is complete.

The Damon system involves no elastic or metal ties, these are usually to blame for the uncomfortable tightening sensation patients feel when wearing traditional braces. The ties also produce friction and pressure making the treatment a lot lengthier. With the Damon system there is a unique component that holds the lightweight memory wire in place, it allows the wire to slide through the brackets providing the teeth with more freedom to move making the treatment much more comfortable for the patient.

The brackets are incredibly discreet and also come in a clear variety for the complete aesthetic effect. The brackets are very easy to clean helping maintain good oral hygiene throughout treatment.

The Damon system also has another huge advantage that has even been compared to a facelift. Techniques used such as palatal expanders and removing teeth can lead to a narrow arch and flattened profile which drastically changes a patient’s appearance. As well as straightened teeth the Damon system actually provides a fuller smile and gentler cheek shape producing a more youthful appearance.

Who is this treatment suitable for?

The Damon system can treat a wide range of positioning issues including overcrowding, gappy teeth, cross bites, over bites and under bites.

As a general rule treatment with the Damon system is 6 months shorter than with traditional braces.

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