No doubt, milk is an excellent source of calcium and essential nutrients that our body needs. But it’s particularly beneficial for the health of our teeth and bones. The calcium in milk helps strengthen the tooth enamel (which is actually the tooth’s outer layer) and doesn’t have acidity. Many studies have revealed that milk and cheese play an important role in protecting the enamel from degradation that results from high acidic foods. And the best part is that these dairy foods can actually reverse the damage done.

Gum disease and diabetes

But isn’t milk high in sugar?

Yes of course it is. Milk has a high simple sugar content, which makes it a drink that should be consumed in moderation. If you’re having excessive amounts of milk and beverages made from milk, you’re putting your oral health at risk. Children need more milk than adults, which is perhaps why most health experts recommend adults to have yogurt and cheese as an alternative or in higher amounts as compared to their daily intake of milk.

Cheese is an excellent option for taking care of your oral health. Not only, is it rich in calcium, but it also has Vitamin D in addition to being low in acidity. Health experts believe that cheese can help prevent cavities as the calcium along with phosphorus present in cheese aim at infiltrating the plaque layer surrounding the teeth for remineralizing and preventing erosion. Cheese is also known for its benefit of stimulating saliva production that clears away particles of food.

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