The NHS may provide dental implant treatment

If you are considering dental implants, one of your main concerns is probably the cost. You might be wondering why dental implants are more expensive than other tooth replacement options and how you can afford them. Let’s take a look at the factors that affect the costs of dental implants.

Factors that affect the cost of dental implants

Factors that affect the cost of dental implants

There are a number of factors that will affect the overall cost of your dental implants. These include:

  • Number of implants – The more implants you need the greater the cost.
  • Pre-surgery tests – You may require special scans or screenings before you can get a dental implant. These tests will allow your dentist to make sure the implant will be in perfect alignment with your jaw and bite.
  • Bone grafts – For a dental implant to be successful, as well as long lasting, there needs to be sufficient bone mass in the jaw for implantation.A patient looking for dental implants who has suffered from bone loss can have an additional procedure to increase bone mass. This is called a bone graft.
  • Materials – Most dental surgeons use titanium implants. Because titanium is difficult to mine, it’s expensive.So why do most dental surgeons choose titanium? Titanium implants offer a low risk of rejection or infection and are incredibly long lasting – they can literally last for decades. Titanium merges and fuses with your natural bone in a process known as osseointegration. This process helps ensure the success of the implant.Some dentists offer implants made of a zircon-based material, which is cheaper, but may not be as long lasting or as successful as titanium implants.
  • Experience of your surgeon– Dental implant surgery is a specialist area of dentistry. To be able to perform implant surgery your dentist will have completedextensive training over the course of many years. This training isn’t cheap and is a factor in why implants are more costly than their alternatives. When deciding to get dental implants, you are choosing to engage the services of a highly skilled professional and incur the costs associated with that.
  • Time required for treatment–Fitting dental implants takes multiple visits over several months, which of course is more costly than procedures that take only one visit. Your dentist will be spending a lot of time on making sure your dental implant is the best it can be and will last for years to come.
  • Equipment costs– Dental implant surgery requires precision to be effective. To ensure success,state-of-the-art equipment is often used. This may include 3D imaging machines, laser guides and computer aided design (CAD). These technologies help with determining the health of your jawbone, plotting the position of the implant prior to surgery and building a mock-up of your mouth so your dental implants look as natural as possible.
Understanding the costs of dental implants

Paying for your dental implants

Most people do not qualify for dental implants on the NHS. However, there are situations where implants may be covered, such as if your teeth have been lost to oral cancer or facial trauma. Find out more about what treatments are covered on the NHS.

If you have health insurance with dental cover or a dental plan, you may be able to claim all, or at least a portion of the costs of your implants. Often dental insurance will only cover the cost of an implant if you have lost the tooth in an accident or a because of medical condition. If you want to have implants for cosmetic reasons only, the cost will normally not be covered by your insurance.

Brighton Implant Clinic

Brighton Implant Clinic

we offer a number of payment options at the Brighton Implant Clinic. With our flexible payment plans, you can spread the cost of your implants over the number of months that it will take to complete the treatment. You can also pay via credit card. Book an appointment | Brighton Implant Clinic

As most patients pay for dental implants privately, we offer a number of payment options at the Brighton Implant Clinic. With our flexible payment plans, you can spread the cost of your implants over the number of months that it will take to complete the treatment. You can also pay via credit card.Book an appointment for a free consultation to find out how much your dental implants will cost and the payment options available to you.

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  • Samuel Balogun says:


    I’m really interested in buying an implant from you. I just want to ask would it be possible for me to pay half of the implant and then set up a payment plan for the other half.

    Kind regards,
    Samuel Balogun

    • Dr. Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Samuel, thanks for your message, yes we do offer flexible payment options, please do get in touch with our clinic once we are open for more information, take care, Bruno

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