The costs of dental implants vary from country to country all over the world with countries that have developed in terms of dental medical care providing cheaper dental implants treatments. Teeth implants costs in the UK are still a major hurdle with clients having to cross overseas to secure the treatment; this comes with a huge risk as not all overseas clinics can guarantee quality results. Implant clinics in UK guarantee success because they are governed by dental health legislations; in fact UK is the only country with advanced legislation on implantology.


Teeth Implants costs in UK are usually expensive because of a number of reasons, implants require a tremendous amount of work by the dental team, a great deal of time is spent by the dentists in both planning for and executing the implant procedure, an extensive evaluation is usually done on the patient so as to come up with a treatment plan. The materials and equipments used in the procedure are so expensive, the x-rays and CT scans are obtained by sophisticated machines. Dental implants procedures should be carried out by postgraduate trained professionals qualified to confidently perform the task, not all dentists can carry out the implant surgery.


The teeth implants costs are made up of many elements that make up the total costs. There is the dental consultation fee that usually averages around £50, it is during this stage that the evaluation of the patient’s teeth is done and a treatment plan is developed. Then there is the bone grafting that can cost £400 to £3,000, depending on the procedure, it is carried out where the patient has insufficient bone available to place an implant and is not compulsory but is carried out on the dentist’s recommendation. We have the gum grafting which can cost £400 to £500 per site; it involves increasing the amount of gum tissue available in preparation for an implant.


There is also the cost of the dental post (fixture) plus dental crown or bridge that is inserted on top of the post; a root form implant will run from £900 to £1,400. There is also the fee charged for the technical work of preparing the jawbone and applying the implant, the more complex the treatment plan the higher the fee charged.

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