Choosing Between a Denture Brush and a Toothbrush

If you wear dentures, then you may find the need of opting for denture brushing. So, the choice is completely based on your needs for gum health maintenance, which calls for understanding how a denture brush is different from regular toothbrushes.

 What about the head of the brush?

 The heads of denture brushes usually have two sides with bristles. On the other hand, regular toothbrushes just have a single side with bristles. One of the two sides of denture brushes goes well with a standard toothbrush and the other side has comparatively fewer bristles that are help the users to reach the dentures’ crevices.

The type of bristles it should have

 As dentures are quite delicate, the bristles of denture brushes are softer as compared to a regular toothbrush. However, denture wearers can also choose from toothbrushes that offer a variety in terms of bristle firmness, like hard, soft or medium.

 Caring for your brush

When it comes cleaning the denture brushes, you should preferably use a solution of water and bleach for cleaning cleaned, at least one time throughout the week. This can play an important role in preventing fungal growth on your brush. A good way of cleaning toothbrushes is soaking them in diluted castile soap every week.



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