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Our Promise

Our promise to you is to give you first class patient treatment with first class patient care. Our team of dental health professionals are experienced, dedicated, and compassionate. We know the importance of dental health, especially to our overall health. This is why we want to do our best to make sure our patients are healthy, happy and above all smiling! 

We're Multi - Award Winning

Our Achievements

We are very proud of what we do as well as what we strive to achieve, from our state-of-the-art facilities to our achievements in complex dental implant cases.  Here are some of our clinic's achievements:

Awards Night




  • Best Full Mouth Rehabilitation Award (2016)
  • Aesthetic Dentistry Awards (2015)   
  • Multiple Implant Case, Single Implant Case, Interdisciplinary Team Case
  • Most Attractive Practice (2010)
  • Best New Practice (2009)

Expertise And Experience

All of our staff members from our dental administrators front of house to our highly qualified dental surgeons are experienced as well as fully trained or qualified. Not only do we provide excellent customer service but we also can ensure you the best patient care. We offer the most advanced treatment options as well as the latest in modern dentistry and techniques.

Advanced Skills In Implantology

At the Brighton Implant Clinic our facilities, experience, and expertise mean that we are skilled in the latest as well as best techniques in dental implant treatment. We do a range of different procedures such as *all - on - four*, *teeth- in a day*, *zygomatic implants* and more.

Find out more about our *dental implant treatment*.


Free Dental Implant Consultation

We offer a free consultation for any type of dental implant treatment. This comes with a full dental health evaluation, panoramic X-ray, and a free treatment plan. *Find out more*

Patient Autonomy

Understanding our patients

When it comes to any treatment or procedure we believe that our focus should be patient - focused. We understand patient’s fears, phobias, and respect patient preferences. This means that you have full control and autonomy throughout your whole treatment with us - the way that it should be.

We know that dental anxiety is very real, and the physical and mental effects of anxiety can be crippling, even preventing you from going to the dentist altogether. If these feelings are preventing you from having or seeking treatment our specially trained dentists could offer you a sedation therapy also known as ‘sleep’ dentistry.  Find out more.

Our Facilities


How do they work?


Dental implants are a titanium screw that is placed inside the jaw which replaces or acts as a root of a tooth. The dental implant is fitted with either a crown for single tooth restorations or a dental bridge in the case of multiple or all missing teeth. Dental implants are biocompatible which means that they make a bond to the bone like that of a natural tooth. This makes them a permanent and lifelong resolution to tooth loss and with modern day prosthodontics they look and feel like real teeth too!   

The Brighton Implant Clinic

Do you want teeth in a day?

The all on four is also known as teeth in a day, same day teeth, same day smile and teeth now. All these procedures are referring to implants with “teeth” or a dental bridge fitted on the same day. The all on four procedure can be used with the teeth in a day dental implant technique, which means that a complete restoration of the upper and or lower teeth with a provisional bridge can be fitted the same day.

More on teeth - in - a -day... This dental implant technique means that you can have dental implants and a new smile in just one day. After the dental implants are placed, impressions are taken and a provisional crown or bridge is then made that day. Dental implants take 4 - 6 months to heal, and this is why a type of provisional crown, can be ‘immediately loaded’. The provisional crown or bridge still looks and feels like real teeth, but the final prosthodontics will be made from better materials and will have advanced aesthetic results. The design of your smile is catered to you and the things to consider are colour, shade, shape and position.


Is the all-on-four for everyone?


Dental implants can improve your self-esteem, your confidence and eliminate problems with speech, eating certain foods and more. An Adult with good oral health as well as good general health is eligible for dental implant treatment. That is not to say that if you have poor oral health that you will not be able to have dental implant treatment, it just means that you must be treated for this before undergoing any dental implant procedure.  


What are the benefits?

The good thing specifically about the all - on - four treatment is it can be an alternative to bone augmentation (sometimes needed for implants). Not only does it prevent the need for bone augmentation it also prevents future bone loss which is caused by tooth loss. 

all on four dental implants

Are you ready to make a change?

With a 98% Success rate in dental implant treatment... Get in touch with us today to make an appointment with one of our hygienists or dentists .


  • david cave says:

    A broken tooth was replaced by a crown. The crown eventually fell out. My dentist has had two attempts at rrefixing it, the second time with a post. It still falls out. !

    Looks as if the next move might be an implant, not confirmed yet.
    My dentists suggests cost in order of £1750. This is a helluva lot of money.
    You offer it for about jhalf as much. Am i being ripped off by my dentist, or are youi cutting corners, or do you have wonderful alternative methods ?

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Dave
      thanks for the email, sorry for the very late reply. An implant may well be the best solution for your failing post core crown. The average cost for a dental implant is between 1500 and 2000 pounds. Your dentist is not charging more than the average. Dental implants can be expensive as all parts, components, abutments etc are costly. We do offer treatment at a more affordable level because we want this treatment to be available to the majority of the population. We do not cut corners, we do mainly implants and do our best to provide the highest quality dental implant treatment. If you would like further information please feel free to contact me, Kind regards

  • Martin Tigwell says:

    Hi im looking at having a tooth inplant maybe 2 do they come with a life time guaranteed? .
    If a promblem accurs with the implants a few years down the line do you fully guarantee at the clinic to put things right ?.
    Only asking this question because on a recent tv documentary about cosmetic work on teeth a lot of dentists only rent out a roomand its not down to the clinic to put things right if the dentist leaves its down to the dentist ? .

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Martin
      thanks for the message, apologies for the late reply. We do not provide dental implant treatment with a lifetime guarantee. Whilst implants are likely to last for a life time implants sometimes do fail. Let me explain…… there are generally 2 types of failures, an early implant failure that occurs within the first 12-18 months after the implant was completed and a late failure which occurs after 2 years. The dates are not exact but essentially an early failure is considered to be within the guarantee of the clinic and down to factors that should have been addressed and treated with the clinic. We assume responsibility for this and we do yes provide a guarantee for a full year after the treatment has been completed.

      Unfortunately the reason many patients lose teeth is due to neglect or poor oral hygiene, smoking etc. Many patients after investing their in dental implants continue to smoke during the treatment as well as after the treatment is completed. We make no secret that smoking will ultimately cause bone loss around implants. Failure to keep good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist/hygienist will put you at risk of implant failure. Hence we cant provide a life time guarantee for this reason. All of our dentists work on a long term contract at the clinic and the guarantee is with the practice and not with the provider. If you did need any further information or help please feel free to contact our clinic. For more information please see our website

  • Elaine says:

    Do you provide bone grafts if needed?

    How much time do I allow between initial consultation and
    first appointment for implant?


    • Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Elaine
      thanks for the email, we do provide bone grafts when needed for dental implant placement. There are many different types of bone graft procedures, these will depend on the amount of bone needed and the area of the mouth where the bone grafting is to be completed. The healing times for bone graft procedures can also vary from 4-12 months. At Brighton Implant Clinic we do provide a free initial consultation of 1 hour with an dentist which includes a free panoramic radiograph (if required). If you need any further information please see our page on bone graft procedures, this is a link for our general website as well. Please feel free to contact the clinic if you prefer to speak to someone 0844 815 1414

  • Ariful says:

    Hi had serious tooth pain Dr Lucia has done my root canal successfully now I am alright
    Thanks Lucia you have done good job

  • Jayne Hart says:

    I can’t find your address on this site, where in Holland Road are you. Many Thanks.

  • Alan Rainey says:

    Hi Bruno

    My wife and I both had full upper inplants all on four and all on six with your surgery at Hove over the last 2 years. We live in the north of England Sockport area and because of the travelling down eg 6 hours each way plus hotel etc we have not been able to have a check up to see if our implants are OK. Can you reccomend any other implant surgeon in and around the north west who might be able to do a routine check on the implants. Hope you can help and advise.


    Alan and Sue Rainey

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Alan, thank you for your message, I hope that you are keeping well. We recommend that the all on 4 bridge is removed at least once per year to make sure that the bridge is cleaned properly and that the implants are ok. I would recommend that you return to our clinic at least once per year for this check. Each implant system has specific drivers and tools for accessing the implants. If you need any further help please do contact me. Kind regards, Bruno

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