Most parents and dentists agree that getting braces at a younger age is better than having the procedure done later in life. The treatment option is usually considered in the case of crooked teeth or dental problems like overbite or underbite. Nowadays, there’s a whole variety of braces that parents can let their kids choose for themselves:

How about the metallic option?

Metal braces aren’t only popular because of the affordability factor but they’re also effective and durable in terms of fixing dental problems. Most braces now come in smaller brackets in a wide variety of colors other than the traditional “silver”. Orthodontists have started using metal braces with thinner wires, some braces even have more attractive options like stars and hearts for kids.

Ever heard of lingual braces?

Lingual braces are yet another type that can be considered. These are typically made from metal and tend to go behind the teeth rather than in front, which makes them undetectable. They are more expensive and require qualified specialists to carry out the procedure.

What are white braces?

White braces are another option for anyone looking for porcelain braces that are tooth-coloured. Despite being less noticeable as compared to metal braces, many people don’t consider using them as they are more expensive and may have a need to be left on the teeth for a longer period.

Clear braces

Translucent or white braces have monocrystalline sapphire as a building component and appear almost undetectable. These braces don’t stain and are comparatively stronger. However, they are more expensive than metal braces or other options.

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