Brighton Implant Clinic Nurses Pass Radiography Course

We are pleased to share the news that several of the dental nurses from the Brighton Implant Clinic family have recently completed a course on dental radiography. It is a great achievement and they all worked hard to obtain this certification.

In total eleven dental nurses who work across all of the Brighton Implant Clinic branches completed the qualification.

Along with being a course administered by the British Dental Association (BDA), it also has the approval of the Society & College of Radiographers and the British Society of Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology. It is a nationally recognised certificate and allows these professionals to take radiographs unsupervised.

In this course, the nurses from BIC learned the introductions to radiation and radiography, practices for intra-oral radiography, panoramic radiography, image interpretation and other practical elements of dental radiography. 

The course also required our dental nurses to take several exams on dental radiography and to prepare a portfolio that includes 40 radiographs.

Everybody at Brighton Implant Clinic is so proud of the team members who completed this course. Our dental nurses already contribute so much to helping us provide quality care to our patients, and by doing the work to get this certification, it shows their dedication to the profession. 

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