How often have you had an uncomfortable feeling after having that ice cream after dinner or enjoying the cocktail at the party? If your teeth hurt whenever you consume something cold, then the bad news is that you probably have cold sensitive teeth. Not only isa this dental problem common, but it’s also a problem that is most often overlooked or left unmanaged. So, it’s extremely essential for you to actually get an understanding of how the problem of cold sensitivity differs from gum problems or tooth decay.

Generally, teeth become cold sensitive when their nerves have more exposure because of receding gums or tooth enamel that is worn.

2 Major Causes of Cold Sensitivity:

Tooth Decay or Dental Disease

People with teeth that are sensitive to cold may have a hidden problem of tooth decay or gum problems in the early stage. This is usually true if your teeth hurt while drinking or eating something cold. Did you know that the buildup of plaque on the teeth as well as gums can worsen the condition of cold sensitive teeth by causing other dental problems?

How You Use Oral Products

Some people easily buy into the thought of taking extreme measures for their oral health, which may include the idea of brushing their teeth too hard or using tooth whitening products more often. As a result, there’s an irreversible loss of tooth enamel, which is a problem associated with cold sensitive teeth.

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