Are You a Victim of Dental Phobia?

fear visiting the dentist

If you haven’t heard of the term dental phobia before, then you most probably have experienced the condition at some point without actually knowing that you were or are still a victim of dental phobia. If you fear visiting the dentist or the sight of a dental office gives you goose bumps, then you certainly have a condition known as dental phobia or dental anxiety. It’s quite common for people to fear visiting the dentist or having a dental examination, but we can’t ignore the fact that having regular dental checkups and proper dental treatment on time has a direct impact on our quality of life.

is there a way you could fight dental phobia

Now, is there a way you could fight dental phobia or cope with this unexplainable fear of dentists and dental examinations? If you’re a sufferer, you’ll be glad to know that there are certain ways to manage this phobia and fight your fears so that you can make sure that your oral health isn’t compromised. Here are some tips to help:

  • While you’re in the office, play some relaxing music to relieve dental stress.
  • Taking a distraction with you to the office is also a good idea.  While you’re waiting for the dentist to set things up, you could control your anxiety by reading a book or playing your favorite video game.
  • Have a good meal before coming to the dentist. Never come with an empty stomach.
  • Use relaxation techniques like deep breathing to make yourself more comfortable.

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