All on 4 Upper Jaw

It is becoming very popular to replace  removable dentures that quite often make people suffer  with communication difficulties and functional disorders (swallowing or even chewing problems). The all on four treatment offers people the chance to have fixed  teeth after loosing all their natural teeth. Here is some information about All on 4 Upper Jaw.

Some considerations should be taken into account when thinking about having an all on 4 upper jaw treatment such as: bone density, bone quality, bone thickness and the integrity of the surrounding vital structures.  We can easily measure and determine all of these features on each patient using X-ray examinations and CT scans.

The surgery does not normally take more than 3 hours from consultation to placement of the implants and involves anaesthetic with or without sedation (which is recommended to improve collaboration and comfort of the patient), incision in the gum and the use of burs progressively thicker and wider to prepare the most accurate hole in the bone for the implant.

Before placing the implants, the surgeon will study the best positions of the implants based on the bone and the proximity to the maxillary sinuses and nerves.  Once the positions of the implants have been decided, the most important factor is achieving primary stability on the implants because it is essential when we are planning to load them on the same appointment.

There are some factors that make difficult to predict whether the implants will be stable enough or not , such us:  extractions ,unexpected infections or softer bone than expected.  If they are stable at this stage, a temporary fixed bridge could be attached to the implants that will help the oral tissues to accommodate for the final bridge. If there is no primary stability, the best option is to wait until they are ready to be loaded at least for 4 months which would mean that the patient should wear a removable denture.

There are normally options for everyone but sometimes  bone grafting  or sinus lifting are required to ensure good results and that obviously involve waiting for longer periods of time until the patient is ready to have something fixed.

To conclude we can say that the all on 4 treatments are focused on rehabilitating the oral functions, the smile and aesthetics of the face  of people who have lost their teeth and wish to have fixed teeth. For more information on All on 4 Upper Jaw click here.

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