Before and after all on 4 photos

All on 4 photos showing some examples of all on 4 treatments completed at Brighton Implant Clinic. This solution provides excellent aesthetics and function for those patients who lost all their teeth or removed them due to gum disease.

Before and after all on 4 photos

The all on 4 dental implants solution is an advanced treatment option for those patients with multiple missing teeth and struggle to cope with removable dentures. Using just 4 dental implants, it is possible to support a fixed bridge of 10-12 teeth. As can be seen with these photos shown above the implants can restore confidence, function and look just like natural teeth. Unlike dentures dental implants are comfortable and do not move around.

Before and after all on 4 photos

Many patients think that to replace a whole jaw of missing teeth you need to use an implant for each missing teeth. However using the all on 4 solution, a full arch of missing teeth can be supported on 4 implants. Usually the surgery is carried out under intravenous sedation and also with local anaesthetic for maximum comfort. A fixed provisional bridge is usually fitted on the same day of surgery, so patients are never without teeth.

Lower jaw all on 4 photos

We have our own in house dental laboratory to make the same day bridges possible.  In some cases it is not possible to fit a provisional bridge (if implant stability is inadequate or cases with limited bone volume).

before and after all on 4 photos

The all on 4 solution can be used for the upper or lower arches.

all on 4, before, during and after treatment, all on 4 photos

Sometimes it may be necessary to place more than 4 implants. During the initial implant assessment your dentist will assess the amount of bone structure available for dental implant placement. In some cases where very limited bone is available an implant overdenture may be the best solution.

Before and after all on 4 photos

For more information about All on 4 and other dental implant solutions, please contact one of our branches for a free initial implant assessment. Brighton Implant Clinic


  • Deborah Whitbread says:

    What are the prices for this treatment pleas

  • Sylvia Davenport says:

    I have osteoporosis, therefore not good bones. I had fixed implants in my lower mouth that are now 14 years old and still good. Only wish I had the top done also. I hate dentures but guess I have no alternative.

    • Dr. Bruno Silva says:

      Its true that osteoporosis poses a risk for dental implant treatment. The upper jaw also is generally more complex to treat. If the upper teeth have been missing for several years then the amount of bone available may be limited. I would recommend that an assessment be carried out if it has not already been done to see if anything could be done. A second opinion could provide a different perspective about the options/risks and possibility of treatment.

  • Lee James says:

    I would love to have my dentures replaced by something like this! I am missing all my upper teeth and the denture is very difficult to live with. I have to remove it to eat. Unfortunately despite being a very young 62 years of age, both the price for a full upper set of teeth implanted coupled with potentially very little bone mass to work with, make this impossible for me. Ah well

  • Paul says:

    I had 3 tooth bridge the had 2 full root treatment with posts that the bridge was fixed to,there is now nothing left to cement the bridge to. So I currently have denture with the original roots refilled. Would having implants and bridge be a case of removing the 2 roots and replacing with implants for the bridge to fix to?

  • Mary spooner says:

    I have osteoporosis but no longer have to take fosamax-only calcium d3 – I have a lot of missing teeth and the ones I have left are unstable and unsightly !! How much will it cost-if appropriate-for upper and lower jaw implants

  • Karen says:

    I have always hated my teeth I had them straightened but have weak gums so they aren’t that good. I have false teeth at the front bottom uncomfortable. I would really like all my teeth out and have them on all on four. I’m not sure I can afford it do you do a payment plan.
    Thanks karen

  • Kate says:

    Is it possible to pay monthly installments for the treatments

    • Dr. Bruno Silva says:

      Hi Kate, yes it is possible to spread the cost of treatment, you will need to speak to your clinic about payment options available to you.

  • Shaun Rumble says:

    I am type one diabetic is it still possible to have top and bottom sets on the smile in a day. Also do you take payment in monthly instalments. I am very keen to have this treatment as I only have two teeth on top and a crown and nothing on the bottom. Your advice please

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