Anyone who has worn or who is wearing removable dentures will tell you that dentures are difficult to live with and cope with. All on 4 in the lower jaw is a solution that can help many. Unfortunately for many, when you lose teeth its too late to reverse time and go back to when one had fixed natural teeth. However new developments in dental implants may be able to give back what has been lose due to tooth loss. The all on 4 solution was devised by Dr Paulo Malo. Here is some information on All on 4 in the lower jaw.

This great solution consists of placing All on 4 in the lower jaw implants in different areas of the jaw in order to support the corresponding fixed bridge. The first step includes an oral and x-ray examination to determine if All-on-4 can be carried out. In this step we can check if the bone and soft tissues are suitable for this treatment.

During the surgery, the patient can choose between being awake during the procedure or being sedated. Sedation can be more comfortable and can make the surgery easier for  both patient and dental professional. After that, the dental surgeon applies local  anesthetic to numb the dental nerve. If the patient has any remaining teeth in bad conditions, extracting them is the next step.

To continue, we need to make the jaw bone visible, so we need to detach part of the gum from the jaw bone in order to place implants accurately into healthy bone. Once, we can see the bone, we are ready to place the implants. Two of them will be placed on both sides of the midline.

The posterior implants are placed at an angle in order to avoid the dental nerve and make  use of longer implants. This additional length of implants usually contributes to making the implants very stable and strong in order to support the same day fixed bridges.

After implants placement and suturing the tissues, impressions are  taken in order to make the same day provisional bridges.  After 6 months of healing, the patient will have a new definitive hybrid bridge made. For more information on All on 4 in the lower jaw click here.

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