Ceramic Crown Vs CEREC

The difference of all ceramic crowns vs CEREC… The most real-looking and aesthetic crowns are made up of porcelain only, and are typically known as all ceramic crowns. They are ideally closer to natural teeth in terms of appearance, shape and color. All ceramic crowns are less strong than crowns made of gold or gold and porcelain mix crowns. Some newer varieties of porcelain crowns are being introduced which are better in strength and resistance. porcelain only crowns have a better and more natural look making them an ideal choice for front teeth replacement. Porcelain crowns are usually made in a dental laboratory.

CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction) is a new type of porcelain crown technology. It is computer based technology which employs 3D photography and other computer program for assisting the dentist who designs the dental restoration crown himself. The advantages of CEREC technology include time-saving for the dentist as well as the patient since a single visit is required and the procedure can be completed in a few minutes.

Despite the popularity of the CEREC porcelain system, the importance of a dental laboratory porcelain crown has not diminished as they are more natural looking and pleasing to the eye. Before a permanent dental laboratory crown is prepared, the dentist uses a temporary crown for temporary or provisional restoration. The temporary crown is made of acrylic or stainless steel and lasts for a few weeks until the permanent replacement is available. Temporary crown, made by the dentist himself, is less strong and can break easily.


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