Today is the start of your dental implant clinic journey. In this blog, our goal at Brighton Implant Clinic is to show you why you should say yes to brightening your smile.

Dental implants are the closest thing to having your permanent teeth back, in fact, they’re as strong as natural teeth and look as real as them too.

Bring back your confidence and have no worries of your teeth looking fake thanks to the likeness of dental implants to natural teeth.

Brighton Implant Clinic is an award-winning clinic renowned for dental implant treatment.

Not only can we provide you with the smile you have always dreamed of, our team of experienced consultants will ensure they stay in place in years to come.

Let’s begin your clinic journey!

Which dental implant clinic is near me?

Brighton Implant Clinic is based in four locations across Sussex.

Our overall goal is to provide a picturesque and peaceful environment to support you in achieving your new smile. 

Our Hove location is at the heart of our dental implant production line in Sussex. Not only does it hold state-of-the-art clinical rooms, but we also have our own laboratories that produce all your dental needs! Our most prominent location is based in Worthing in our Guildbourne Centre, our other clinic with on-site laboratories to produce your new smile and bring forth to you a charming experience within an overall friendly manner, every time. We have a second location in Brighton and Hove as well as a final location in Hailsham.

The bottom line: We have locations all over Sussex to support our local patients, as well as patients travelling far from all over the Uk. This provides you with various opportunities to be able to have a fixed alternative to natural teeth, by our clinical director Doctor Bruno Silva and his very trusted team 

Tell me, which clinic will you choose to have your free  dental implant assessment with?

What you will find on each floor of the clinic

After a warm welcome from reception, at one of our clinics of your choosing. You will be escorted up floors to clinical rooms dedicated to Implant Surgery, Hygienist Cleaning, Cosmetic Bonding, CT Scans, Panoramic Radiographs, X-rays and Orthodontist Treatments. In our larger clinics, we have technicians working hard daily to create your personal implants. 

We hope to enhance your confidence, to know that your new smile is in the hands of professionals who work closely with your dentist. Laboratory technicians go through the stages of creating your dental implants in considerable depth with total commitment.

During your initial assessment your dentist will listen to your specific problems and why dental implants may be needed. 

At the dental examination we will then check if there is adequate space for your dental implant,  as well as if there is sufficient bone and if the surrounding gum tissues are healthy. 

After those additional checks, your dentist will come to a decision if you are a strong candidate for dental implants. If so, a thorough treatment plan will be provided. The plan will outline costs, time scales and also important instructions of what to do before, during and after treatment. 

So, what dental implants do you use?

At Brighton Implant Clinic we provide the high quality titanium implants and zirconia crowns and bridges. Titanium dental implants hold a high global recognition and are extremely safe.

A dental implant acts like an artificial tooth root. Just like a tooth root, your very much experienced dentist will insert the implant into the jaw bone. This procedure typically within a single tooth implant surgery can usually take under half an hour. The titanium implant will usually take 8 weeks to fully integrate within the jaw bone. After 8 weeks your dentist will take moulds to create a natural looking and fully functional tooth. 

Below, let’s break down the main qualities of the implant to provide you with further detail.

Titanium is very hard and well-wearing, so it will hold its place firmly. It has a lightweight stance which will not discolour over a long period of time. As stated previously, during your free assessment, your dentist will explain to you in great detail the requirements to become a candidate for dental implants and once confirmed the appropriate material best for your implant.

Habits we hope you will avoid after getting your Dental Implants

Caring for dental implants is absolutely no different than taking care of your natural teeth. Only some minor changes will need to be made to your oral hygiene routine, to begin with. To keep the crown in the best condition, please reduce any teeth grinding, chewing on any hard surfaces i.e. pens, fingernails or shell-covered nuts.

To produce the best environment for your dental implants, after care is very important.

Please listen to your dentist on the best post-surgery care to reduce any infection. The dentist will advise you on how to take the best care of your implants.

You will be advised on the use of prescribed medication, eliminating any harmful bacteria to the gums through a prescribed mouthwash, and avoid smoking – smoking tightens blood vessels and reduces blood circulation throughout the body, which can slow down and complicate healing in the gums. Please continue a daily routine of brushing and flossing your teeth including your new dental implants that may threaten your oral hygiene.

The Bottom Line: Having a clear and consistent oral hygiene routine will support your post-surgery recovery. You will be supported and advised on the best ways possible to have the most rewarding recovery and start your new life with a brightening new smile.

Let us confirm your appointment 

In this blog we hope you feel very well advised on which of our clinics would be the best for your dental implant treatment,  the different types of implants available in our clinic, the post surgery requirements we will advise specifically for you. 

So, let’s begin your implant journey, here’s to your new brighter smile!

I am ready, I want to invest into a brighter smile.

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