Dr. Vandana Thakral

The team from Brighton Implant Clinic and Hailsham Dental Centre  would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Vandana Thakral for the time she has spent working with us. During her time at our Hailsham location, she has proven herself to be a true professional and a valuable member of the Brighton Implant Clinic family.

Dr. Thakral is a skilled dentist and we have always been  pleased to have her part of our team. She shows great care to every patient and, in these past ten years, she has worked tirelessly to achieve the best results for every patient she has worked with.

Along with being a first-rate dentist and colleague.  While we are sad to see her go, everyone at Brighton Implant Clinic feels lucky for the time we had working with Dr. Vandana Thakral and we wish her the best with her future endeavours. 

As a key member of our staff for so many years, Dr. Thakral has helped so many of our patients and she played an important role in helping Brighton Implant Clinic build and maintain the great reputation that we have. We would like to thank Dr. Thakral for the years of dedicated service and her commitment to patient care.

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