Dental implants are recognized as one of the best solutions for missing teeth. They offer a more permanent solution than options like bridges and dentures, plus they function more like real teeth. Not only that, but implants can be better for maintaining dental health and the shape of the face.

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As more people begin to recognize the benefits of dental implants, the market continues to grow. In 2020, the global dental implant market was valued at USD $3.6 billion. This was down from earlier projections as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we can already see that the industry is recovering. As a result of this recovery, it is forecast that the global market will increase at a compounded annual growth rate of 11% through 2028.

With over 38% of the market, North America is by far the largest market in the world for dental implants. According to 2015 numbers from the American Academy for Implant Dentistry, about 3 million Americans have dental implants. Furthermore, about another 500,000 dental implants are placed every year in the US. These numbers are considerable when you compare them to implant dentistry in the UK.

From the available data, about 130,000 implants were placed in the UK during the year 2012. However, this number is believed to have increased considerably since then. Additionally, you do have to consider population size. At the time the data was collected, the UK was a country of about 63 million people as compared to around 321 million people in the United States during the time their numbers were taken.

When you account for population size, it indicates that the UK might place slightly more dental implants on average. However, it is difficult to find complete data for either country. Furthermore, it does not account for the number of implants per patient. As an example, if a patient gets the All-on-4 procedure, that patient would account for four dental implants to the nation’s total.

Dental implants are becoming more common with every year. As you can see from the numbers, there are a lot of people in both the US and UK who have dental implants, and the numbers just keep going up. The main reason for this is that dental implants tend to offer a better solution for a growing number of patients. Along with that, implant technology and techniques are making them a better fit for a wider range of patients.

Brighton Implant Clinic is one of the leading names for dental implant surgery in the UK. We work with a range of dental implant systems that can be applied for different applications, and we offer treatment options like All-on-4 implants, teeth in a day, implant-supported dentures and bone grafts for dental implants. Contact our team to schedule an appointment or learn more about dental implants.

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