Having your dental implant surgery is not the final scene to your dental implant journey. The upkeep and attention to detail is very important in ensuring your new smile continues to serve you exquisitely. Let a BIC dental hygienist be your guide.

So, let’s get into the thick of it. The health of your dental implants, as well as your gums, teeth and mouth play a large part in your body’s overall health. This is something our author for today’s blog – Annie, our Dental Hygiene Therapist in our Hove branch knows a lot about. 

5 quick steps why seeing a hygienist after receiving your dental implants can support you a great deal.

A Hello From Annie,

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Hello Everyone, my name is Annie! I am the Dental Hygienist in our opulent and immersive Hove branch of Brighton Implant Clinic. 

When in the clinic, I see lots of patients affected by oral diseases, which results in them needing dental implants. I have written a list of 5 easy steps on how I would advise my patients to keep their dental implants nice and healthy!

I have heard time and time again from my patients, how dental implants have boosted their confidence! As well as this I have heard numerous times, how much easier day to day events such as going out for a meal or being in an intimate social setting is no longer daunting.

You could say, this is all thanks to the personable and highly professional experience you receive when going through each step when receiving dental implants at Brighton Implant Clinic.

5 Reasons Why Seeing a Hygienist Will Enhance Your Dental Implants

  1. Overall, seeing a hygienist is highly advisable as you can create your own individual cleaning and maintenance plan, as every mouth, every patient and every implant is completely different. A hygienist appointment and an impressive home cleaning regime will be your super power to obtain a healthy smile.
  1. Now, we know brushing twice a day with an electric toothbrush is the best start to clean any tartar or food away from your dental implants (and natural teeth). I always recommend the Oral B io Electric toothbrush as it has a vibrating, oscillating head which removes a lot more plaque than a conventional manual toothbrush or a toothbrush that merely vibrates.
  1. My two trusted pieces of equipment to ensure I am taking the best care of my own teeth is the The Oral B Interspace head. It is particularly useful in difficult areas; you can see similar results from the TePe Universal Care™ brushes. These two bushes used  around implants are great at getting in the nooks and crannies.
  1. Flossing is extremely important! Please keep this in your routine with your new dental implants! You can clean the full circumference of the implant, and clean around the screw holding your implant ‘tooth’ in place. 

Normal floss isn’t adequate around the implant as it does not remove as much plaque as the Super floss.

  1. This is why I recommended: Water flosser’s. 

Water Flosser are a great way to remove larger particles and food debris, but I advise you to use your water flosser alongside super floss and TePe Universal Care™ brushes. Make sure everyday food and debris is washed away from your dental implants, looking brand and gleaming every night.

Oops, A Bit Of A Disclaimer!

Waterflosser’s sadly do not get rid of all the sticky plaque which causes inflammation and potentially serious dental problems. 

Using the little TePe interdental brushes are a great way to remove the plaque in between the teeth but sometimes they cannot reach the difficult areas if the implant is in a certain position, a hygienist like myself can help you reach those difficult areas.

What A Dental Hygienist Would Advise:

At Brighton Implant Clinic we advise you to have regular maintenance check-ups and hygiene appointments with your dentist and hygienist every 3, to 6 months. 

This is depending on your needs and simply, when the dentist/hygienist advises. No one patient is the same.

Keep In Mind

If you have any bleeding around your implants or natural teeth when brushing or flossing,you should come and see me for a hygiene review to check your implants are healthy and infection free. 

A lasting note from our author, Annie

I don’t just treat patients with implants; patients without implants are very welcome. I provide a nice, warm, relaxing environment for patients as I am aware a lot of my patients are nervous, and for me, it is important patients leave the room feeling happy, stress-free and wanting to come back in the future. 

See you soon!


Dental Hygiene Therapist

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