Different types of removable dentures.


What are immediate dentures?

Full dentures that are placed in the mouth right after teeth extractions are referred to as immediate dentures. The process involves taking impressions of the natural teeth to determine a proper fit of the replacement teeth. This option is quite popular-especially among people who can’t wait long to have their teeth replaced.

What about conventional dentures?

These are yet another option of dentures that are known for correct fitting for the first time. In most cases, the results are highly satisfactory because mouth impressions are taken after tooth extraction, which ensures a more accurate measurement.


At times, some of the natural teeth are left intact or some artificial teeth are placed in the jaw for supporting the removable denture. Such a kind of full denture is categorized as overdenture. It is the job of your dentist to determine if you need an overdenture or not.

Partial Dentures

People who are concerned with the appearance of conventional dentures and who are seeking a more natural-looking option usually consider getting cosmetic dentures that are typically made with ceramic porcelain. However, these are more expensive compared to the conventional option.


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