Soft tissue grafting, also known as periodontal surgery or gingival grafting  is a regular dental procedure. This procedure is used to repair and promote gum regeneration because of gums pulling away and receding from the tooth. Sometimes, soft tissue grafting can also be used for cosmetic reasons. Gum grafting is simple, safe, and can be very beneficial. Here is a look at some of the causes of gum recession, the different types of soft tissue grafting and more!


Soft tissue grafting

Here are some of the benefits following a soft tissue graft:


Unlike the bottom of the tooth, the root of a tooth is not protected by enamel. Gum recession leads to exposure of the root causing increase sensitivity and possible pain, this procedure will allow enough gum tissue to protect the root of your tooth.


Gum grafting can help recreate a smile, through making teeth appear shorter as well as more symmetrical.


This procedure can help rebuild gum tissue so that tooth loss solutions such as dental implants, have enough supporting tissue in the mouth to support this kind of procedure.


 As receding gums cause root exposure this increases the risks of bacteria causing decay directly to the root of the tooth. As soft tissue grafting protects the root, this will reduce the risk of decay and therefore cavities to the tooth.



This is the most common type of soft tissue grafting. This is where connective tissue is removed from the palate of the mouth, taken from a small flap made to the roof of the mouth. This tissue is then stitched around the gum line to create as well as promote regeneration of gum tissue.


This is very similar to the connective tissue graft above, however instead of tissue being taken from under a small flap underneath the top layer. A small amount of tissue is taken directly from the roof of the mouth.


This type of gum grafting is where existing gum tissue from around another tooth is shared to repair the receding gum. The gum is carefully cut and stretched over the receding gumline. This can only be carried out if there is substantial remaining gum tissue available from surrounding teeth.


An allograft is where processed donated tissue (from another human) is used for grafting. This means there is no need for a donor site from the own patient’s palate, this is available however not used very often.


Gum disease is one of the leading causes of gum recession. Check out this video from Dr Bruno Silva,  principal dentist at The Brighton Implant Clinic on Gum disease:

Many believe that receding gums are due to ageing. Although ageing does have an effect on our gums, it is not the sole reason for gum recession. Gum recession can affect adult teeth at any age and it is, in fact, poor oral hygiene, which is the leading cause of this. This is because bad bacteria in the mouth causes inflammation, infection and disease, which is the main cause of tissue loss.

Poor oral hygiene increases plaque and tartar build up which is full of bacteria. If left untreated this can develop into gum disease, the leading cause of tissue loss. Gum disease is where bacteria manifest’s around the tooth causing an inflammation and infection to the gums. This infection will cause the body to break down gum tissue in order to rid the gums of infection, this can also lead to bone loss.


oral health and gum recession

Tissue loss is mostly caused by bacteria therefore by maintaining good oral hygiene; this will reduce your susceptibility to inflammation, infection, and therefore diseases. This means choosing the right dental products as well as adhering to a good dental health regime, such as brushing, flossing and using mouthwash.

People can be more susceptible to gum disease or cavities and this can, unfortunately, be hereditary. This is why you should always see your dentist for regular check-ups, as well as professional advice. Every smile is individual!




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