Tricky implant placement with nice result

I am sharing a case which we completed recently in our clinic. A patient came to see us complaining of a broken upper right lateral incisor crown. The tooth had been root treated before and restored with a post. The tooth had become unstable and he noted that the gums were becoming more swollen and inflamed as a result. His dentist recommended that he come and see us for an opinion as to what could be done. We completed a thorough examination taking photos, radiographs and models of the mouth.

We noted that the tooth was in fact broken and had an infection inside the root. Unfortunately the tooth needed to be extracted as there was no chance in restoring the tooth. The patient opted to have the tooth removed and replaced with an implant 4 months after the extraction. The tooth was removed and replaced with a denture on the same day ( our on-site dental laboratory can make a replacement denture in 3-4 hours )

Four months after the tooth was removed the patient returned for implant surgery. A CT scan was taken and the amount of bone available for implant placement was confirmed. The implant was placed under local anesthetic. The implant was left buried under the gum tissues for 4 months to integrated with the patients own bone. Four months after the implant surgery the patient returned for restoring the implant with a single tooth metal free implant crown. Here are the radiographs taken during the treatment.

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