Top Reasons for Replacing Missing Teeth

At one time or another, many adults will experience missing a tooth. Maybe by accident or just simply old age, some will lose a few teeth or all of their teeth. This will have some adverse effects on your self confidence and appearance. Since you can no longer chew food properly, it will consequently have some adverse effects on your health.

Missing Teeth Will Have Adverse Effects on Your Appearance

Having a few missing teeth will have a dramatic effect on your appearance. Often times, a person with missing teeth will avoid social gatherings, business meetings and other activities. They often avoid smiling because they feel embarrassed. Consequently, you will miss a lot of life experiences because you would tend to avoid activities which involve a lot of people.

Missing Teeth Will Affect Your Self Confidence

Along with its ill effects on your appearance, it will also significantly affect your self confidence. It’s not uncommon for people with missing teeth to carry a feeling of loss. They often times feel that they have untimely lost their youthfulness and their sex appeal. They often avoid opportunities of speaking in public and before long, they eventually avoid any personal contact.

To a certain degree, dentures will help but it can only go so far. Often times it slips and fall off, adding to injury to what is an already damaged self-esteem. A better solution is necessary.

Missing Teeth Will Have Adverse Effects on Your Health

Your teeth give you more than just the ability to chew your food. Having a complete set of teeth is necessary in maintaining the health of your gums, your jaws and other teeth. Your long term oral and medical health depends on a greater extent to a complete set of teeth.

  • Nutrition

Having a few missing teeth makes it difficult to chew and eat food. Those who have dentures most of the time eat only mashed food because it is soft enough for them. They avoid a lot of food altogether and that is why they are missing on their nutritional needs.

  • Bite relationship problem

The gaps in between teeth can greatly affect the way the jaw closes. When the opposing tooth tilts towards the empty space left by the missing tooth, the opposing jaw line will have problems with its bite relationship. Often times, the food that is trapped in the gap can cause gum disease and further decay.

  • Deterioration of the jawbone

The moment a tooth is lost through extraction or decay, the jawbone supporting it starts to dissolve. The longer the tooth remains un-replaced, the greater the deterioration and eventually, the jaw becomes noticeably smaller.

That is why if you have a missing tooth, you have to make every effort to have it replaced. With the advancements in dental implant technologies, replacing missing teeth is not much of a problem anymore. Get in touch with us for more information.