Coffee stains and nicotine will be removed with tooth whitening

Tooth whitening, also referred to as dental bleaching, is  procedure in the field of cosmetic dentistry which involves whitening teeth to remove stains and dis colorization. This process is not a one time affair as it needs to be repeated time after time to maintain the bright color of teeth.

As a person ages the teeth generally get darker due to their mineral structure changes. Teeth also become stained due to the foods we eat, tobacco and  bacterial pigments. some antibiotic medications, such s tetracycline can also cause tooth stains or a reduction in the brilliance of the enamel. Stains are also formed inside the tooth and these are called intrinsic stains.  This internal staining of dentin can discolor the tooth from inside out and this can be remedied through internal bleaching. In cases where whitening is ineffective, other methods of removing the stains, such as bonding and veneering, are employed. Bonding is a process used to mark tooth stains. This is when a thin coating of composite material is applied in front of the persons teeth then cured with a blue light . A veneer can also be used to mark tooth dis colorization.

There are dental problems that can affect the success of teeth whitening. For instance, teeth cavities must be treated first before the process of whitening is undertaken. This is to ensure that the solution used for whitening does not enter the decayed areas and reach the tooth’s inner parts.  In cases of receding gums or decaying teeth, whitening may make them sensitive.

Teeth whitening can be done at home or in a dentists office. Most of tooth whitening products get rid of nasty stains caused by nicotine, alcohol and food. They are easy to use and  have no side effects on the teeth. There are many ways of applying teeth whitening and one of them is over the counter whitening gel which works after one to three weeks. Another way is brushing your teeth with paste containing the tooth whitening formula and this takes effect after 1-2 weeks. Lastly, whitening strips can be stuck on teeth. In office whitening the dentist probably takes a photograph of the teeth, then the dentist cleans the teeth to remove the film of bacteria, food or substances that build up on the teeth. Then the whitening procedure commences.

One should use teeth whitening product unique for them to solve this embarrassing problem of teeth dis colorization.

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