Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a bright, white smile. A whiter smile makes you look healthier and younger. It gives you confidence and improves your self-esteem. When you feel better about yourself, anything is possible.

We offer Zoom whitening, the most popular whitening procedure in the world. Our in-office treatment uses a special light to activate a whitening gel. The process can deliver dramatic results in two hours or less. You can walk out of our office with your teeth up to five shades whiter.

We also offer an at-home treatment that you can use overnight. We provide you with a custom-fitted dental tray and a prescription strength whitening gel. The overnight treatment is as effective as the in-office treatment, it just takes longer. The at-home treatment can also be used to maintain the results from the in-office whitening.

Stop covering up. Let us give you that gleaming white smile you have been dreaming about.