As a person grows older, the teeth natural brightness fade and they become yellow.  The pigments of the teeth may also be discolorized due to drinks like coffee, tea, wine and also cola. Below are some teeth whitening tricks that can be used at home to save a person from the great number of trips made to the dentist.

One common method of whitening the teeth is use of baking soda. This breaks up plaque buildup on the teeth because it is abrasive in the sense that it fights plaque in the mouth and not the mouth. This abrasive nature of baking soda makes it able to go into the crevices of the teeth and remove plaque from there too. The properties of baking soda change slightly when it is dissolved in water as it releases off free radicals. The free radicals released get into the tooth enamel and break double carbon bonds- this means that it gets soaked into the teeth thus removing the stains. It has no effect of pain in the teeth and it also does not cause teeth sensitivity.

Another way of whitening the teeth is by use of lemon juice paste. A paste of lemon juice and salt removes calcium deposits on the teeth that cause yellowing thus making the teeth whiter.

Chewing foods like raw spinach, apples, strawberries, carrots, celery, cucumbers and broccoli can make the teeth whiter. Also, rubbing the teeth with the white part of an orange peel makes the teeth shinier.

After taking coffee or any drink that could discolor the teeth, it is advisable to swish water in your mouth for a few minutes. This should be done as soon as you are through with your drink. Rinsing the mouth out removes the film that would stay on the teeth and later cause tooth discolorisation.

A straw should also be used as it helps to keep the liquid that would discolor your teeth away from them making the teeth not to be exposed to the liquid.

Chewing gum is also not advisable. But, chewing sugar-free gum after eating helps to remove food that may be stuck in the teeth thus cleaning the teeth.

The above teeth whitening tips cost nothing much compared to the procedure performed at the dentists or the expensive and sometimes unsafe products that can be bought from stores. These tips save time, money and the teeth as well.

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