The name says it all really, as you can guess ‘Six month smiles’ is a fixed orthodontic system for straightening upper and lower teeth in six months. This short term procedure combines aspects from different orthodontic techniques to quickly produce the desired result.

So what is involved?

mia-before-and-afterTo begin the patient will need a consultation. This will involve taking impressions and photos to give the dentist as much information as possible to plan the treatment necessary. The dentist can then examine the case in more detail to ensure the patient is a suitable candidate and we can achieve the desired result.

The consultation also gives the patient the opportunity to ask any questions and gain a real understanding for everything that is involved working with the dentist to agree the best treatment options.

The specially produced appliance will then be made and the patient asked to return for a second appointment for fitting. The dentist will discuss and demonstrate how to clean the brace efficiently.

From here the memory wire will be changed at intervals as the alignment progresses, these appointments can be combined with reviews to check progress and make any adjustments if necessary. After the teeth have reached their final position the treatment is complete.

So how can this treatment work so quickly?

Alot of people believe it is due to more pressure and force being placed on the teeth, this is incorrect. The six month smile system actually concentrates on the teeth we see when the patient smiles, usually the front 8. Hence as the back teeth are not being adjusted the whole process is sped up. This also makes for much more comfortable wear.

For the image conscious the six month smile procedure uses discrete tooth coloured brackets and wires so are barely visible when being worn.

So who is the ideal candidate?

As described above the six month smile concentrates on the aesthetics of the patient's smile. It is not focused on the bite so is not the ideal option for patients with cross-bites, overbites or underbites. However there are many aesthetic issues that can be dealt with, including overcrowding and gappy teeth.

As the title says the average time of treatment is just 6 months, however dependent on each individual case this can range from 4 to 9 months.


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