Same day dentures

Did you know that It is now possible to get a new denture made in just one day ? using Same Day Dentures Brighton Implant Clinic is a dental clinic with a difference. Our clinic is committed to providing high quality dental treatment to patients with added convenience of shorter treatment times. Making Removable Dentures usually requires multiple visits between the patient, dentist and dental laboratory. The first appointment usually involves taking impressions of the patients mouth and these are sent to the dental laboratory for starting the process of denture making. Our clinic has its own in house dental implants laboratory which allows our clinical team to save time by working closely alongside our qualified dental technicians.

How many appointments are usually required to make dentures?

Same day denturesThe first appointment usually involves taking impressions of the upper and lower arches. These impressions usually known as ‘primary impressions’ are usually taken in an alginate or silicone type material. The impressions are cast in the dental laboratory into plaster of Paris models which will become the working models of the patients mouth. These models can be highly accurate however it is often recommended that secondary impressions are taken in special trays made in the dental laboratory.

The second appointment gives the dentist an opportunity to take impressions again using customized or special trays. These trays have been custom made and will fit the patients mouth more accurately. The secondary impressions are more accurate and provide very precise detail of the upper or lower arch (which ever is being restored with removable dentures) At this same appointment the dentist will verify the position or relation of the upper and lower jaws when they are shut together. This is also called the ‘bite’ or ‘occlusion’. This is an important step in making dentures as it records the position of how the upper and lower arches work together. It is essential to have this position correctly recorded as it determines if the dentures will function properly in unison. During this appointment the dentist and patient will decide on the color, shape, shade, size and position of the denture teeth. All of the information, impressions, bite registrations are given to the dental laboratory together with instructions for the dental technician to fabricate a wax trial of the new dentures.

wax denturesThe third appointment or wax try in appointment. Before the dentures are completed, it is important to allow the patient and dentist an opportunity to see how the denture making is progressing. The dentist and patient will request a wax try in in order to be able to see the position, shade, shape and size of teeth. It is not uncommon that changes are made during the wax try in stage. This appointment is specifically included for this reason. The patient may wish to change the position of teeth, introduce some rotations or crowding of teeth to make the new dentures seem more natural looking or authentic. Very importantly the position of the occlusion is checked to make sure that the teeth are meeting accurately together. Even contacts on all teeth is required to make sure that the biting pressure is even across all the teeth. Once this try in stage has been agreed and accepted by the patient and the dentist the wax try in is sent back to the dental laboratory to be completed.

before and after photos showing dentures fittedThe ‘fit’ appointment or fourth appointment. The dental laboratory will process the wax try in into an acrylic denture. The laboratory can use different types of materials like acrylic or metal to provide strength and rigidity to the denture. Once the dentures are processed into the permanent material they need to be polished and refined in order to be comfortable in the patients mouth. The dentist will try the completed denture in the patients mouth. The denture may require adjustments in order to be comfortable in the patients mouth. Any adjustments should be polished and smoothed in the dental laboratory to ensure maximum patient comfort.

Further adjustments and maintenance appointments may be required in order to ensure comfortable functioning dentures. It is not uncommon that further adjustments to be made in order to reduce sore spots on the dentures. The dentist should also outline a thorough regime to keep the dentures clean and plaque free. It is recommended that patients sleep with the dentures out of the mouth in order to allow the gum tissues to ‘breathe’ over night. Keeping the dentures in the mouth predisposes patients to oral candida type infections.

Brighton Implant Clinic can make dentures for you – from start to finish – in just one day! We use the most advanced techniques in dentistry, enabling our fully qualified dental technicians to create the most aesthetic results. The whole process is carried out in our dental surgery and laboratory in Hove, therefore we can save a great deal of time and cost – creating your new teeth usually takes no longer than one day, hence the expression ‘Same Day Teeth’!

Please be aware that the process takes 8 hours to complete from start to finish so appointments for same day dentures do need to be made early in the morning to allow our dental laboratory adequate time to make the dentures on the same day. It is quite common that patients travel great distances for this added service as this saves considerable amounts of time.

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