Rights & Responsibilities

You are entitled to

• A thorough examination of your gums and teeth

• full explanation of treatment options

• A written treatment plan (including cost)

• Information on NHS charges displayed
in waiting rooms

• Advice on how to keep your gums
and teeth healthy

• Make a complaint if you are not happy with your
treatment or care. This can be done by referring to our complaints policy on display in the waiting room

• Express your preference of practitioner by
asking the receptionistIf you wish to know more about any of the above services please ask your dentist

You are responsible for

• Giving 48 hours to cancel or
change an appointment

• Following your dentists advice

• Paying your bill promptly

• Bringing proof of exemption
Treating staff with courtesy and respect.

• Violent and abusive behaviour
towards staff will result in prosecution

Your dental records remain confidential and secure. However from time to time we may release these to the local PCT or the NHS BSA as part our ongoing clinical review process