Tooth loss is a condition when one or more teeth come loose or fall out. Tooth loss is scientifically referred to as edentulism or anodontia. This condition is natural for the milk set of teeth for kids as they get replaced by the permanent set of teeth. Apart from this, tooth loss can occur due to injuries or diseases.  Most people lose their teeth because of a breakdown that is caused by germs. If germs are allowed to sit on the surface of the mouth in the form of plaque, they create an acidic environment which makes the surface of the teeth dissolve creating a cavity. When plaque accumulates creates an inflammatory reaction which results in bleeding gums and loss of the jaw bone which secures the teeth. There are so many factors that can cause tooth loss. Preventive measures are the most important steps that ensures the health and vitality of the teeth is enhanced. When the teeth are not taken care of consistently, they decay or periodontal disease forms in the gum line.

In order to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, proper oral hygiene must be observed. All plaque should be removed from the teeth. This can be achieved by brushing the teeth and cleaning in between them. Dental floss between the teeth. This prevents dental disease.

In cases whereby an individual suffers from dry mouth condition, regimens to replace and stimulate salivary flow such as water, sugarless mints and chewing sugarless gum. Saliva is very important in controlling and clearing bacteria from the mouth.

Another way of preventing bacteria which would in turn cause tooth loss is by having periodic professional cleanings to remove bacteria from hard to reach places in the mouth. Dental examinations including x-rays show the problems when they start hence they limit the potential consequences.

Despite the many threats of tooth loss, it is still preventable. Good dental routine and regular visits to the dentist, proper dental care can be received and also treatments to save the tooth can be provided. Teeth can also be restored and strengthened through fluoride therapy and dental sealants. If the teeth cannot be saved, the dentist can provide prostheses for the lost teeth. Artificial tooth structures could also be placed. They involve dentures, dental bridges and dental implants.

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