Porcelain Veneer

If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth that have been chipped or stained, our porcelain veneer is the solution you are looking for. Also known as dental veneer, this acts as a thin shell that will cover the surface of an otherwise damaged tooth. The improvement of the shape and color of each of your tooth will be immediate because the porcelain veneer will be bonded directly with adhesive cement.
You would normally spend 2-3 visits to our clinic for your porcelain veneer:

  1.  First, we will discuss the procedure with our cosmetic dentist. At this point, you will have the opportunity to discuss how your final smile would look like. You can choose to bring samples of the ideal smile that you desire.
  2.  On your second visit, a mould will be made and your teeth will be prepared for the dental veneer.
  3.  On your final visit, the porcelain veneers that were designed specifically for you will be placed on your teeth.

How to Care for Your Porcelain Veneer?
Although the appearance of your new teeth will dazzle you, there is no specially care necessary for it. All you need to do is continue with your usual oral hygiene routine. This means that you have to continue with regular brushing and flossing. You have to avoid biting objects that will cause your dental veneer to come off or get damaged. Although porcelain can resist stain, it is still recommended that you avoid stain causing beverages like coffee and wine.
What are the Advantages of Porcelain Veneer?
As a tooth restoration procedure, there are a lot of advantages with using veneer porcelain. With little tooth preparation, you can already achieve a good cosmetic appearance. This is not so with dental crowns. Since it is made of porcelain, it can resist staining better than other materials and it can mimic the glow of natural enamel.
An added advantage to porcelain veneer is that the gum, which can be very sensitive, it tolerant with porcelain. This means that you will experience little to no irritation when you have your teeth done this way. There is no point in trying to improve the appearance of your teeth only to be in pain because the gums are irritated. With porcelain veneer, this thing is a distant possibility.
For more information about porcelain veneer, get in touch with us or visit our website. Just remember, we are the authority when it comes to dental service in the Hailsham area.